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Alba - Bastido (12 Inch)

Alba - Bastido (12 Inch)

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Alba by Bastido comes with excellent mastering with great attention to detail, a bonus track and a total playing time of 37 minutes of great, sunlit tracks. This record is a must for heavy rotation listeners but also for collectors.

Alba is a concept album about the morning hours of Barcelona . It is a musical love letter to the city that is Bastido 's adopted home.
Packed with influences from all over the world but with a jazzy hip-hop heartbeat. This Latin Buena Vista-esque record shines brightly and will magically lift your mood. The vinyl comes with a bonus track and extended versions for each track and is of course , as always, strictly limited .

  1. Aubade (written by Bastian Kladny, Florian Hausner)
  2. Alba feat. Ander Draw & Dibora Matos (written by Bastian Kladny, Deborah Matos, Felix Jäger, Florian Hausner, Mario André González Pinto, Sebastian Lindecke)
  3. Tic Tac Pills Feat. Rudy Chopper (written by: Bastian Kladny, Florian Hausner, Rudy Chopper, Sebastian Lindecke)
  4. Hold It Against Me feat. Dionne Clarke (written by Bastian Kladny, Dionne Clarke, Florian Hausner, Patricio Böttcher)
  5. Liceu (written by Bastian Kladny, Gergo Bille)
  6. Placa Reial feat. Lia J (written by Bastian Kladny, Gergo Bille, Julia Hornschuh, Sebastian Lindecke)

Mastering by Christoph Stickel.

Published on August 5, 2022.

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