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mädmäx - Basement Jazz (Purple-Transparent - 12")

mädmäx - Basement Jazz (Purple-Transparent - 12")

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Music from forgotten records, unearthed and reassembled by Hamburg BoomBap producer mädmäx . With an ear for Japanese jazz, he creates his first solo album on vinyl. The work is called “Basement Jazz” and comes with swing, a lot of attention to detail, excellent guests and creative flips. This means that the sound of the Hanseatic by choice clearly joins the ranks of Twit One, High John, the early Flo Filz and Hulk Hodn. The disc is limited in color to 250 pieces . It's worth being quick.

  1. Enjoy The Jazz (feat. SkiDs)
  2. Maestro (feat. High John)
  3. Walking in the Rain
  4. Midnight Distortions
  5. Magic Touch (feat. SkiDs)
  6. Moonlight Oasis
  7. Basement Jazz (feat. MF Iced Tea)
  8. Autumn Leaves (feat. WOX)
  9. Highlands
  10. Sweet Memories
  11. Inner Conscience
  12. Playin' Around (feat. Maple Syrup)

Artwork: Peter Schulz
Mix: mädmäx
Mastering: STAUB Audio
A'n'R: Patrick Gerner
Art direction: mädmäx, Peter Schulz, Patrick Gerner

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