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Jules Hiero - Bento Box (7 Inch Vinyl)

Jules Hiero - Bento Box (7 Inch Vinyl)

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The Bento Box EP was originally supposed to be produced in Japan. For some reasons she took Jules Hiero in Vienna (Austria). The two talented artists Antonio Neves (trumpet and trombone) and Eduardo Santana from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) are also involved in the project. Due to the uniquely cool and gentle atmosphere, the release is the perfect winter sound. Prepare for hip-hop beats infused with lo-fi, jazz and slow funk. The artwork was drawn and animated by Peter le Schulz (Wiesbaden, Germany). He was inspired by Jules and Paddy's ideas. Paddy (aka Patrick Gerner or Paddy Besser ) was responsible for project management, mastering and artistic direction. He and Jules have always worked closely together to create a release that stands out for both its art and its music.

  1. LO Funk (feat. Antonio Neves) - 01:44
  2. Runner (feat. Zinabre RJ) - 02:46
  3. Something Stupid (feat. Zinabre RJ) - 01:56
  4. Snow Rays (feat. Antonio Neves) - 02:15

released January 31, 2021

All tracks produced by Jules Hiero

Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Antonio Neves - Trumpet, Trombone
Track 2 & 3: Eduardo Santana - Trumpet

Master: Paddy Better
Artwork: Peter le Schulz

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